Who can find the number of people who went to clinic?

7 01 2011

Previously we said that this paper we make a report on the problems that occur in our area. Not any other purpose. The problem we found is the existence of demand for data on the number of people using the health center facilities. From the query we tried to get its data. We tried to imagine a counter health clinic. That the data is the number of visits each day how much. So if the cumulative number of visits for a year, then the data is not the correct data. Because one person can visit the clinic repeatedly. We try to use the highest card number at the end of the year. In our area, each year the card number in repeat starting from number one. So that’s the highest number of pasienya. But after check, it turns out the card number per patient in health centers is not a number. But one family of one number. So it can be valid if  request is the number of families who accessed what. But request not the number of families. Because the family could not show the actual number of people. Then how do I find data on the number of people who visited (not the number of visits) during this? This problem can be handled well, if we use the computer. That process, about this. Show the number of patients who visited that year. Then remove the double nomernya. The number of these patients in addition to answer the accessibility of a health center, also to calculate the access of the insurance program. For example, the number of patients visiting the clinic Jamkesmas (community health insurance). So to know the percentage of people who access the number of participants who have Jamkesmas card. Similarly, for jamkesmasda in east Java province. Occupational health also asked the number of workers served by health centers. If manually. Perhaps the way to do is create a book to help all workers who visit. But there will be a register again. Number again. What if nomernya missing?. Looking again. Longer. How to other programs.




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