7 01 2011

Demand for increasingly complex and varied reports. For example, reports of disease. Featuring diseases of age per group, subdivided per case of disease. While reports of disease elderly ask for a report of disease per age group divided again by gender. suveilans report  requesting a particular disease specific age of new cases per group.
On the other hand more and more administrative staff in reducing the portions. With considerations of efficiency and improve performance. Thus, the higher workload. It required a simple information system, but able to handle these needs. And future-oriented, integrated inter-section.
Easy includes:
1. Easy installation.
2. Easy to use
3. Easy handling of the network.
4. Easy back up.
5. Easy fix.
6. Easy on the synchronization between different parts of the place.
7. Easily processed data.
8. Easy to learn pengoperasianya.
9. Easy to use with other devices via wireless.
10. Easy to prepare for migration to Internet applications.
11. Easy to move to another operating system.
Although it is relatively easy on each – were personal. Depending on experience, habits and others. So easy understanding we point to “available” her. Because the information system that will always evolving (dynamic). So be prepared to always improve the ability of the software. Also the ability of resources and sources of funding.

In addition to simple terms, it needs software that can adapt to fit changing needs. Along with the changing times, there will be changes in regulations. Both the rate, type of diagnosis and others. If changes are not able to be handled properly, then only a matter of days for the leave.
For that we need in the form of a network of communication between software developers with the clinic as a user. For the purpose if any – time a change is not capable of adaptation by software, will immediately contact the developer, and to be in the revision.
Revised software can be done in various ways.
1. developers come to health centers, to revise on the spot.
2. the health center can not collect the changes in adaptation by software. Then sent to the developer via email. Developer revising the software. The developer then went to health centers for copying and revision (or via email).
3. to change the software in a broad administrative area:
– Formed the group responsible HCIS. whose members represent each – each clinic.
– The group is to inventory changes. And mutually agreed. (Can be done pertelpon, or assembly).
– The changes agreed were sent to the developer. Developers revise.
– Revisions on the send via email.
– Revised in the test. By the group. If not appropriate, could be revised again.
– If you have as needed, immediately copied into HCIS respectively.
For the revised cost depending on the size of the requested changes. If just a few changes, could at no cost.
In its implementation, HCIS also have various constraints. If the output only to meet the current reporting system, will make the system be revised too frequently. Although maybe this time all requests reports can be filled . But with time, rapidly changing reporting requirements. For that raw data need to be in the show. To be prepared for a wide range of reporting needs.
Stages HCIS integration.
When adopting HCIS, sometimes can not go straight all the computerization. Need to see the start of the operator until the availability of computers.
If not possible all the parts, select a pasienya lot. In order to have a maximum power efficiency.
Starting from inside the building first. Just outside the building. To be continued ….




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9 02 2011

boleh juga, nanti klu kantor butuh pasti tak hubungi. thanks.

9 02 2011

informasi yang selelu kami tunggu pak. terima kasih

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